Feeling better doesn’t have to be hard work and it doesn’t have to taste bad.

Healthy food should taste good, not like cardboard. And it should be as simple to prepare as you like it to be. I have taught hundreds of people how to make this happen, and I can teach you too.

I can help you.

Nutritional information was so confusing to me after being diagnosed and starting treatment for ovarian cancer. I was nervous about speaking with Denise because I didn’t want to feel even more confused. I’m so glad that we worked together though because Denise really cleared the clouds for me with great kindness and compassion. Even more importantly, she helped me understand the baby steps that could improve my nutrition and immune system while I’m in treatment. She’s a treasure of resources without being overwhelming. I never imagined that cancer could introduce me to “good things” but Denise certainly is a great thing in my book. If you’ve been diagnosed or know someone who has, connect with Denise! — Laurie Foley

If you are here because your physician referred you to me, welcome! We can work together to make your physician very happy with your progress. Contact me to set up your first appointment and get started.

How does consulting with a Nutritionist work?

It is easy. We set up an appointment, we talk about your lifestyle, what you like to eat, and what health concerns you have. We set achievable goals, and figure out the first steps to take to get you there.

You will understand exactly what will help you the most, and why. You will know what foods to be sure and include in your meals, and what to be sure and avoid, for your health. No fad diets, no nit-picky rules, just solid science that is proven to work.

Then we follow up, at your pace (although I may nudge you a bit), and set the next few steps to take.

I am always available to you through email to answer your questions and give you the support you need, and all phone calls are returned within 24 hours.

We will turn “I guess I have to do this” into “I’m so glad I did this!”

  • You will enjoy the foods you eat.
  • You will not have to spend hours in the kitchen, unless you enjoy it.
  • You will see your health and quality of life improve.
  • You will have the peace of mind knowing that you have taken control of what you eat and are improving your health every day.
  • You will love how easy it can be with me.


You CAN get healthier, eat well, and feel great!