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Avocado Toast, the New Cupcake

Tea is the new coffee, toast is the new cupcake. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but tea shops are cropping up everywhere, and soon there will be a tea shop on every corner not already taken by a Starbucks.

Tea and toast are replacing coffee and cake for hipsters everywhere. And you know I’m nothing if not hip.

While there is really no way to make a healthy cupcake, healthy toast is a possibility with a whole grain sourdough. Yes, I’m doing a happy dance too. avocadotoast

How do we granola-crunching Californians do this new toast thing? With avocado, of course. Yes, avocado toast is the new darling of food bloggers across the interwebs, and I’m a huge fan.

In fact, avocado is not just replacing the butter and cheese I used to have with my toast, but replacing cheese on a sandwich or in my salad too. Avocado is creamy, rich and full of nutritional goodness like fiber, vitamin E, folate, and healthy fats. And who can resist that gorgeous color?

How do you make this easy in a busy kitchen? I chop up some avocado every couple of days, douse it with a healthy amount of lemon or lime juice (a whole lemon’s worth), add some salt, and keep it in the fridge. Then its ready to go any time. Its even ready for a quick dip of a tortilla chip in the afternoon, with or without the margarita.



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