Nourishment to Support Your Treatment

Cancer is scary and confusing. Nutrition during treatment doesn’t have to be. Personal nutrition counseling during and after your cancer treatment can be simple and extremely effective in helping you to feel better.

Getting a cancer diagnosis turns your life upside down, and often it seems like everyone is passing along their unsolicited advice. Especially when it comes to what you should or shouldn’t eat. Here you will receive scientifically-proven strategies to gain some power and control over your health and treatment.

Good nutrition during cancer treatment can:

  • Help you stay strong and active during treatment.
  • Help you stay healthy enough to maintain your treatment schedule.
  • Help minimize side effects of treatment.
  • Reduce your risk of recurrence, for many types of cancer.

You can feel better. Let’s do this together.

Nice to Meet You!


I’m Denise Canellos and I am a Board Certified Nutritionist who specializes in helping people with chronic disease feel better. I love food, and firmly believe that good, healing food should be delicious and easy to make.

When my father had a heart attack back in the early 1990s, it was a wake up call for my whole family. He recovered, but the dietary guidelines he was given left a lot to be desired both in tasty food and variety. It was hard to stick with and not especially effective.

I knew there had to be a better way.

Then my husband George was diagnosed with colon cancer at 38, when our daughter was just two months old. Through his struggle, the dietary advice we got was again less than stellar. No one seemed to know how to help us, what he should eat and how to eat well to make treatment easier. While the doctors and nurses were fantastic, they were not trained in nutrition for this type of chronic illness. And it seemed that the hospital dietician wasn’t trained for it , either.

It was devastating for our family when George died from his cancer. For years after that I felt a pull to help others navigate the confusing world of healthcare and nutrition.

So when my daughter was old enough, I went to graduate school to learn how our bodies work, and what science had to say about nutrition and healing. What I learned was astonishing: we not only have scientific proof that the food we eat can contribute to our illness, we have proof it can dramatically impact our healing. After finishing my Masters Degree in Human Nutrition, I passed my American College of Nutrition Board exam and started my practice. Now I get to spend my days helping people like you get back their health, their strength and their hope.


My purpose as your nutritionist is to support you in your healing and make sure you get results. Good nutrition during cancer treatment can be easier than you might think. 

What is it like to work with me? 

“Nutritional information was so confusing to me after being diagnosed and starting treatment for ovarian cancer. I was nervous about speaking with Denise because I didn’t want to feel even more confused. I’m so glad that we worked together though because Denise really cleared the clouds for me with great kindness and compassion. Even more importantly, she helped me understand the baby steps that could improve my nutrition and immune system while I’m in treatment. She’s a treasure of resources without being overwhelming. I never imagined that cancer could introduce me to “good things” but Denise certainly is a great thing in my book. If you’ve been diagnosed or know someone who has, connect with Denise!” – Laurie Foley, Atlanta

  • I will get to know you, what you like and don’t like, where you are in your treatment, and be your partner during the whole process.
  • You will receive a custom plan based on scientific research, education and experience; not hype or the latest fad. The steps we take will have good science behind them, and we will tweak them as we go to make sure you are getting what you need.
  • Your plan will take into account the challenges that come with not feeling well all the time. You will know what to eat to have more energy, to sleep better, to ease digestion and to nourish yourself when you don’t feel like eating.
  • Your plan will give you peace of mind, knowing that you are eating the best you can even in a difficult situation to help heal yourself. You won’t have to worry about all of the conflicting advice from well-meaning friends anymore.

So often cancer makes us feel powerless during treatment. You can take back some power and control by choosing nutrition to complement your medical treatment.

You will not have to eat food you do not like, although I hope you will try some new things. Food is loving nourishment and you will never have to choke anything down. I don’t eat things I don’t like and you don’t have to do it either.

If you are here because your physician referred you to me, welcome. We can work together to make you and your physician very happy with your progress.

The Details

Over the years I have found that the most effective way to get results is to meet either in person, via Skype or Face Time, or over the phone on a regular basis. A combination of longer strategy sessions with short follow-ups to fine tune your plan will keep you on track and make nutrition therapy extremely effective.

Pick the package that fits you best,  call me at 949-681-8261 or send me an email with the form below, and we will make your first appointment to get you started. Any questions? Give me a call 949-681-8261. It’s easy!

Single Consultation

We will meet for 90 minutes, with follow-up email support. If you are too tired for a 90-minute session, we can break it up into two shorter sessions.

You will receive a plan and strategies based on where you are in your treatment. We will discuss your type of cancer, the treatment recommended by your physician and how to use nutrition to help you heal.

Investment: $195

Jumpstart Package

We will have three 60-minute strategy sessions, three 20-minute check-in sessions, and email updates over six to 12 weeks. This program is designed to help you through the different phases of chemotherapy treatment.

Investment: $450

Extra Support

We will have six 60-minute strategy sessions and six 20-minute telephone check-in sessions during the 12-24 week program, along with email support.

This program is designed to help you through longer treatment, or for multiple treatments such as combining chemotherapy with radiation or surgery.

Investment: $850

My unconditional guarantee: if you find that you are not getting the results you want through the work we do together, I will reimburse you for any unused sessions. No hassle, no problems, and no hard feelings. Guaranteed.

Any questions? Just give me a call at 949-681-8261, or send me a note with the form above. It’s easy, so lets get started.