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Cancer, Part 2: the barnyard is happy

Sugar    We’ve talked about sugar and cancer, and while it seems nearly impossible to eliminate all glucose from our blood stream to “starve” the cancer, we don’t want to give it any extra fuel either. That doesn’t mean we should eliminate all carbohydrates from our diet. We should avoid refined grains and added sugars […]

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Cancer and Sugar: A Cautionary Tale

There is a lot of confusion about sugar and cancer.   There are many different types of cancers, with different characteristics. One thing most cancer cells have in common, though, is that they use only sugar (in the form of glucose) for fuel and not fat. Many of them have the basic machinery needed to […]

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roast chicken

Chicken Fat

About 30 years ago research linked eating red meat to heart disease. So, we all started eating a lot more chicken. In 1960 the average adult ate 28 pounds of chicken a year; in 2015 that number had climbed to 90 pounds. Yes, the average American adult eats 90 pounds of chicken a year. That’s […]

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bowl of ratatouille

Bigger Brains and the Mediterranean Diet

A new study was published last week showing that older adults who ate a Mediterranean Diet had bigger brains, more grey matter, and less dementia than the adults who ate a more American-style diet. Their brains were functioning as if they were five years younger. All from eating one of the most delicious diets in the […]

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brain maze

The new MIND diet

There is a new diet in town, the MIND diet, and it promises to keep our brains sharp and healthy throughout our old age. Surprisingly it may actually deliver on that promise. Despite what commercials and headlines scream at us every day, there are only three diets that have been proven time and again, in […]

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picture of a microscope and sunrise in the background

Nutrigenomics and You

When I was in grad school studying nutrition, the field of nutrigenomics (how genes and nutrition interact) was just getting started. The human genome was in the process of being decoded, and scientists were beginning to make rapid progress in finding out what each gene does. The thought that we could personalize each person’s medical […]

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Fresh cherries in a bowl

Tart Cherries – They Work!

I rolled my eyes when my husband got off the phone with a friend and told me about the tart cherry miracle cure that took his pain away. So I did some research, to see if it was worth a try (and maybe to prove him wrong). It turns out I was wrong.  Tart cherries […]

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The Truth About Saturated Fat, Cholesterol and Your Health

The cover of TIME magazine this week tells us to “Eat Butter”, that saturated fat has nothing to do with our cholesterol or heart disease. TIME magazine is wrong. The studies highlighted in the article indeed show no correlation between saturated fat and high cholesterol. That is because the type of studies they used for […]

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Why GMO Foods Matter

We are all eating GMO foods every day and don’t even know it.  GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism, which means a living thing (usually a plant) that has had its genes modified by a human, by adding a gene that is from another species to the organism’s DNA. It sounds like science fiction but […]

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The Protein Myth

This idea that we all need more protein is a myth. We are not running around protein-deficient, despite what all the ads promoting protein drinks and bars would have you believe.  Only about 3% of adults in the United States don’t get enough protein*. The rest of us get almost twice what we need. Every […]

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