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Fresh cherries in a bowl

Tart Cherries – They Work!

I rolled my eyes when my husband got off the phone with a friend and told me about the tart cherry miracle cure that took his pain away. So I did some research, to see if it was worth a try (and maybe to prove him wrong). It turns out I was wrong.¬† Tart cherries […]

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Today is the Day

A few weeks ago a new client came into my office for her first appointment, all Type A and ready to roll. It was January, so this is pretty normal. Except she wanted to actually start next week. This week was far too busy and crazy, but next week would be perfect. Now this is […]

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Dem Bones

Osteoporosis is on the rise, and despite the tons of calcium supplements we’ve been taking, our bones are not¬†getting significantly stronger. This is because it takes more than calcium to build bones, and all of them need to show up for the bone-building party to start. So, who’s on the invitation list? Well, calcium is […]

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