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Gluten Free Goodies

Lots of new gluten-free products have come out this year – good news for many of you. Here’s a round up of what we like (none of these are affiliate links):

BreadUdi’s wins, hands down, find it in the frozen section of your health-food store (if you do not have a health food store near you, order online or ask your regular grocer to stock it for you.) Try the new flavors with more whole grains – they taste better and give you some good fiber to keep you full for a while.

Bread mixes: Gluten Free Pantry and Bob’s Red Mill both make great bread mixes, King Arthur Flour (available at their website) are also good, just a little more expensive. You do not need a bread machine to make these, and the crust is good right out of the oven.

Pizza crust: Frozen pre-made cruts: Udi’s again; mix would be Bobs Red Mill.

Brownies: Betty Crocker at the grocery store, and Gluten Free Pantry (the truffle flavor is especially tasty.)

Cake mix: Betty Crocker again, but be careful – the mix makes only one layer or 12 cupcakes, half of the regular mix; The Really Great Food Company makes a good one, too, they are new so go here for stores.

Pancakes and Waffles: Bob’s Red Mill are good, traditional pancakes and waffles; Kinniknnick makes light, more grown-up ones.

Snacks: Glutino’s pretzels are still our favorites, but Snickidees seem to be the kids go-to snack now, they are potato crisps and come in several flavors; remember plain Lays, Fritos and Tostitos are also gluten free, as is popcorn!

Pasta: Ancient Harvest Quinoa pasta tastes like traditional pasta, be aware the packages are usually half the volume of traditional pasta; Tinkyada makes a great brown rice pasta – many of us think Trader Joe’s gets their rice pasta from Tinkyada. Both are available at my regular grocery store.

Cereals: Puffins now has a gluten-free, not just wheat-free, option; Perky’s Crunchy Flax; Rice Chex; and Udi’s granola are all tasty, although not the healthiest options. Trader Joe’s now has a gluten-free Old Fashioned Oats, as does Bobs Red Mill – much better choices for your health.

Muffins: I have yet to find a really tasty and healthy muffin mix, but Bob’s Red Mill Cornbread Mix with a little sugar and some blueberries added makes delicious muffins.

Remember, vegetables, fruits, nuts and beans are naturally gluten free!

Enjoy, and let me know any favorites of yours I’ve missed.


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