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Cauliflower Rice with Basil

Cauliflower “Rice” Taste Test

Bags of fresh and frozen cauliflower “rice,” cauliflower cut into rice-sized nuggets, are flying off the shelves at Trader Joe’s across the country. Some stores have a 2-bag per customer limit. For a vegetable! Be still my heart. Cauliflower comes in at about 25 calories per serving, versus white rice at 150. A big savings, […]

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rustic bean salad

New Habits and Game Changing Beans

Hello and Happy New Year! We are halfway through January and many of us have already left our New Year’s Resolutions behind. I help people make positive, healthy changes that last.  One thing I’ve learned over the years is that keeping resolutions is hard, but creating new habits can be easy. The trick is to […]

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girl with lollipop

Sugar, Sugar

Last year the average American ate 156 pounds of refined sugars. Just think about 31 of those 5-pound bags of sugar you buy for baking, and imagine eating it. That’s a lot of sugar, Sugar. That 156 pound number doesn’t include the natural sugars found in foods like fruit and yogurt,  which are fine. Its […]

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huge avocados and mango in a bowl

Avocados that don’t turn brown and other Farmer’s Market finds

Did you know there are avocados that do not turn brown when you cut them? They are also as big as a baby’s head and full of buttery deliciousness. They are called Reed avocados and I’ve never seen them before. That is a salad serving bowl, and three avocados and a mango are overflowing the […]

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Picture of a beautiful broccoli salad.

A Perfect Summer Salad

Whenever I go to a potluck or picnic, it is expected that I bring a healthy salad.  I almost dread walking in with my dish, because some people are skeptical that anything healthy can taste good. They and are wondering how much they have to take to be polite, and they can be pretty vocal about it. […]

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Fresh cherries in a bowl

Tart Cherries – They Work!

I rolled my eyes when my husband got off the phone with a friend and told me about the tart cherry miracle cure that took his pain away. So I did some research, to see if it was worth a try (and maybe to prove him wrong). It turns out I was wrong.  Tart cherries […]

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Today is the Day

A few weeks ago a new client came into my office for her first appointment, all Type A and ready to roll. It was January, so this is pretty normal. Except she wanted to actually start next week. This week was far too busy and crazy, but next week would be perfect. Now this is […]

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Cauliflower soup with spinach

Cauliflower Soup!

I saw the original recipe for this soup on America’s Test Kitchen, tried it, and it was fabulous. Rich, nutty, creamy and fresh all at the same time. Except for the entire stick of butter required – yes, an entire stick of butter for six bowls of soup – it was a perfect recipe. So […]

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The Truth About Saturated Fat, Cholesterol and Your Health

The cover of TIME magazine this week tells us to “Eat Butter”, that saturated fat has nothing to do with our cholesterol or heart disease. TIME magazine is wrong. The studies highlighted in the article indeed show no correlation between saturated fat and high cholesterol. That is because the type of studies they used for […]

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picture of delicious bean soup

The Joy of Soup

During the hustle and bustle and stress of the holiday season, soup can really spread some joy.  Soup makes the house smell great, and when its cold and dark outside nothing is more comforting than a hot bowl of yummy goodness. You can start it in the morning in the slow cooker, make it at […]

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