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Calcium and Vitamin D Fight Melanoma

Many of you have heard of the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) study currently going on. Its a long term study of tens of thousands of women, focusing on their lifestyle and what may influence any health problems they develop. One of the benefits of these big studies is that scientists can pull out pockets of […]

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Tomato and Watermelon Salad

In the spirit of Independence Day, here is a fabulous salad that will make you most popular at your next potluck. Yes, it seems strange to put tomatoes and watermelon together, but the result is divine. And full of lycopene, which will protect your skin from all that summer sun. 😉 It is also gluten-free, […]

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How to cook greens 1

Hello all. We are in the middle of summer planting here, and I am looking at my fabulous Swiss chard plants from last year which are still going strong. This green is so easy to grow, looks great in the garden, and produces all year long here in Southern California. Even if you live in […]

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Build your foundation

Happy New Year everyone! My wish for you is a year full of hope, joy and good health. We spend a lot of time at the office discussing different diet theories, such as whether broccoli is healthier raw or cooked, or if fermented soy is really better for us than unfermented. And it occurred to […]

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Research made cows happy

We finally have some real answers to how the Atkins-style high animal protein/low carb diets effect our health in the long term. This took so long because, unfortunately, to find out how diets effect  our health 20 years down the road, we actually have to wait 20 years for the study to be finished. I’m […]

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You can help fight breast cancer – its easy

Hello all! I just applied to be a Foot Soldier with the Army of Women, and can’t believe I haven’t brought this up before. The Army of Women is a grass-roots-type organization sponsored by Avon and headed by Dr. Susan Love, a top breast cancer expert. The focus of the organization is to link people […]

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Green tea magic

I was looking through an old (February, 2010) issue of the Journal of the American College of Nutrition and found  an article I had marked to read “later.” And yes, miracle of miracles, “later” actually came.  See what good things can come from finding an excuse not to mop the floor? Anyway, this research study […]

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Eat to Beat the Heat

There is a lot of talk going around about Eating Seasonally. Which means eating what is grown in your area when it is at its peak, instead of eating the same things year-round and just flying them in from another part of the world when they are not in season locally. Research is producing more […]

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Strike out strokes

A new study was published in The Lancet (June 10 issue, if you are interested), in which many very smart researchers looked at a lot of stroke studies and figured out that 80% of all strokes are related to five fisk factors, and 90% of strokes are related to the top 10 risk factors. The […]

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Gluten Free and Hot as Ever

Well, its been a while – from Memorial Day to the end of the school year its like one big sprint to an imaginary finish line. Anyway, I promised to tell you how to go gluten-free without getting fat, so here goes. Before I start, in case this is new to you, gluten is a […]

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