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Finding a rhythm

I have been trying to increase my workouts, post more to this blog and make worksheets available for all of you, and getting frustrated because I just couldn’t get it all in during the day. Usually adding a new task to an established routine is a good way to get it done without too much […]

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Does your thyroid hate gluten?

It seems like every other person I see in the office lately is moving to a gluten-free diet. Either they have stomach trouble that point to a gluten sensitivity (usually along with a few other culprits such as dairy, soy, sugar, and corn), or their thyroid numbers are off. Today I will address the thyroid […]

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Five ways yoga helped me lose weight

I am not a runner, or a swimmer, or a dancer, or anything remotely related to those –ers. Yet, I am fit and it is because of yoga (although I am still waiting for my regular butt to be transformed into a fabulous yoga butt.) Here are the five ways yoga helped me lose weight […]

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Magic Bean Soup

Well, I’ve promised recipes that are easy, healthy and especially delicious, and will bring you at least one each week. So this week I am writing about my love for this bean soup. Now, there are a lot of bean soups I like, but this is the one I crave most often. It starts with […]

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My secret skinny weapons

Due to my recent love affair with Trader Joe’s Organic Blue Corn Tortilla Chips I find myself needing to lose a few pounds. Swimsuit season is coming fast, and here in Southern California there is no escape. I don’t like to think of a “diet” as much as a balance adjustment. I am too short […]

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Lazy Sauce

I found this “recipe” years ago in an issue of O magazine, and have been using it with wild abandon ever since. The recipe is basically to use the yolk from a poached or fried egg, along with some flavorings from the dish you are saucing, as the sauce. Here’s an example of how it […]

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Aspirin reduces breast cancer recurrence

A new study that investigated whether or not aspirin had any effect on breast cancer recurrence or death from breast cancer was just published. The stats: over 4,000 nurses who were diagnosed with breast cancer were enrolled in the study. Starting at one year after diagnosis, the study researchers tracked their aspirin use. Those women […]

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Reducing Your Risk of Cancer

I was at a professional conference recently, and one of the sales booths caught my eye. Their promotional header read something like “Pesticides Don’t Cause Cancer.” This was rather shocking to me, since this was the annual conference of a very respected nutrition organization. When I investigated further (which was why they used such a […]

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Peace comes from a clean kitchen counter

The phrase mise en place is French for “everything in its place” – loosely translated, since I don’t speak French. When I look at my kitchen and see a clean counter, free of school papers, old recipes, serving plates that need to be put away in the top cupboard, etc., I am eager to cook. […]

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Yes, I am crazy enough to make my own granola. Which is actually very easy. If you can measure ingredients and turn on the stove, you also can have your ideal, perfect granola just the way you like it. This version is adapted from a recipe by David Lebovitz, and makes a lot of granola. […]

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