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Cancer Class Materials Now Available!

I lost another friend to breast cancer. She was a wonderful mother, wife, friend, and the world was better with her in it. She will be missed, and it breaks my heart that this disease took another one of us. It makes me feel frustrated, angry and powerless.

While the survival numbers are getting better, more and more people are getting cancer each year. Talented scientists are coming closer to finding cures, but prevention will be the key to overcoming this frightening disease.

My husband George’s death from colon cancer 13 years ago started me on this nutrition journey; my sister-in-law Vivian’s death from cancer strengthened my resolve; my grandmother’s death from lung cancer, my little doggy’s lymphoma, and too many friends’ lost battles have kept me in the fight. Even when it gets overwhelming and scary.

And everything about cancer can get overwhelming and scary. So I made nutrition during cancer treatment the focus of my Thesis paper in grad school; and have made nutrition and cancer prevention a focus in my work. And there is a lot of good scientific research that has been done. The power of this knowledge makes cancer a little less scary.

We absolutely can lower our risk of developing cancer, and good nutrition is one of the strongest ways to do it. Right behind quitting smoking. Just sayin’.

So, to do my part in this fight, I am reworking my Nutrition and Cancer class. Making it more comprehensive. While that is happening, the written portion of my last class is available for you to download, at no charge. These handouts are in a newsletter format, and while the design is old, the information is comprehensive, powerful, and practical. It’s all scientifically based – what really works to lower our risk of developing cancer.

The sign-up form is in the sidebar at the right, or you can click here. I’ll send you a quick note to let you know when the new class is open, and how you can join.

All I ask is that you let me know what was the most helpful thing about the materials, and what I need to improve. Send me any questions you have so I can include them in the next class. And lastly, let me know if you are interested in a live, call-in teleclass on the topic. Those are a lot more fun than just hearing my recorded voice!

Knowledge is power you can use to lower your risk of cancer. Share this site with anyone who needs it. Together we can win this fight.

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