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My secret skinny weapons

Due to my recent love affair with Trader Joe’s Organic Blue Corn Tortilla Chips I find myself needing to lose a few pounds. Swimsuit season is coming fast, and here in Southern California there is no escape. I don’t like to think of a “diet” as much as a balance adjustment. I am too short […]

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Aspirin reduces breast cancer recurrence

A new study that investigated whether or not aspirin had any effect on breast cancer recurrence or death from breast cancer was just published. The stats: over 4,000 nurses who were diagnosed with breast cancer were enrolled in the study. Starting at one year after diagnosis, the study researchers tracked their aspirin use. Those women […]

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Reducing Your Risk of Cancer

I was at a professional conference recently, and one of the sales booths caught my eye. Their promotional header read something like “Pesticides Don’t Cause Cancer.” This was rather shocking to me, since this was the annual conference of a very respected nutrition organization. When I investigated further (which was why they used such a […]

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