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Clean Mondays Lentil Soup

Great Lent has started, which for us Greek Orthodox means we basically eat a vegan diet from now until Easter Sunday. Its one of the reasons the people of Greece live so long. The first day of Lent is called Clean Monday, and the traditional dish served for the evening meal is lentil soup. Believe […]

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Take All You Want, Eat All You Take

Take all you want, but eat all you take, or How to live to be 94 My grandfather was convinced he would die at 60. All the men in his family died young, and in fact the women seemed to die young too. We just celebrated his 94th birthday, so for the past 34 years […]

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Making It Personal: Weight Loss Edition

We spend billions of dollars a year on weight loss programs, products and supplements that don’t work. If participants (who are technically obese) in a research study lose 8% of their body weight and keep off half of it for more than three years, it is heralded as a huge success. Yet, there are those […]

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Healthy Pasta Fast!

Here’s my favorite technique for making a fast, healthy pasta dish that will also give you plenty of leftovers. Yes, I said healthy pasta! Pasta is actually in the middle on the Glycemic Load; adding lots of vegetables keeps the calorie count reasonable and prevents a spike in blood sugar. The magic is in the […]

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woman coming home from the farmers market

The Truth About Getting Healthier

Suzie* came to me as a last resort. Her triglycerides (the fat cells traveling in her blood stream) were really high, she was pre-diabetic, and her doctor told her she had to lose weight or she would have to take medication. She was only 51 years old, and did not want to be on medication […]

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Great Grilled Vegetables

A big platter of colorful, delicious and filling grilled vegetables is welcome on any dinner table. They also make great leftovers, are economical and so easy to make.  Here’s how to do it. The best veggies to grill are squashes, eggplant, peppers, asparagus, corn, tomatoes and potatoes. Slice the squashes lengthwise into thick planks, the […]

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Skinny Drinks

You’re sitting on the restaurant patio, enjoying the sunset with a group of friends and a round or two of drinks. Everyone is relaxed, the air is filled with the sounds of laughter, and you are laughing too. Until you realize that those two margaritas just cost you over 700 calories. The choco-tinis are over […]

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picture of a delicious salad

How To Make a Salad a Meal

During the Summer cool, easy salads are calling out to be a full meal. They promise to get us out of the kitchen quick, keep our figures in shape and keep the heat out of the kitchen, all while making a satisfying meal. Why is it they often leave us foraging in the kitchen an […]

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The Most Important Question to Ask

The most important question to ask yourself if you want to start eating in a healthier way is this: How can I add more colorful vegetables?  Adding more vegetables to your meals means more nutrients and fiber and getting full on fewer calories. Its as simple as that. You will feel better, lighter and very […]

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100 Little Calories is All it Takes

So many people come to see me upset, having gained a steady pound or two a year for the past 10 years or so. They feel like failures, are worried about their blood pressure or cholesterol, and don’t know how to turn it around. Do you know what that pound or so a year really […]

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