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Probiotic Update: Choose Visbiome

My new probiotic of choice is Visbiome instead of VSL #3. Many of you are taking the probiotic VSL #3 based on my recommendation. The original VSL #3 formula has changed and is now no longer as effective. The original VSL #3 formula is now available in a probiotic called Visbiome. You can order Visbiome […]

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Little girl picking apples

New Snacks Taste Test, Part 1

School and football season have started, and that means snacks! Snacks are so appealing – they are tasty, fun, and take no work to prepare. I am always on the lookout for a snack that gives me all that without the excess fat, sugar and salt.  A snack should make me feel better, not worse. […]

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Cauliflower Rice with Basil

Cauliflower “Rice” Taste Test

Bags of fresh and frozen cauliflower “rice,” cauliflower cut into rice-sized nuggets, are flying off the shelves at Trader Joe’s across the country. Some stores have a 2-bag per customer limit. For a vegetable! Be still my heart. Cauliflower comes in at about 25 calories per serving, versus white rice at 150. A big savings, […]

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girl with lollipop

Sugar, Sugar

Last year the average American ate 156 pounds of refined sugars. Just think about 31 of those 5-pound bags of sugar you buy for baking, and imagine eating it. That’s a lot of sugar, Sugar. That 156 pound number doesn’t include the natural sugars found in foods like fruit and yogurt,  which are fine. Its […]

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picture of a microscope and sunrise in the background

Nutrigenomics and You

When I was in grad school studying nutrition, the field of nutrigenomics (how genes and nutrition interact) was just getting started. The human genome was in the process of being decoded, and scientists were beginning to make rapid progress in finding out what each gene does. The thought that we could personalize each person’s medical […]

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Fresh cherries in a bowl

Tart Cherries – They Work!

I rolled my eyes when my husband got off the phone with a friend and told me about the tart cherry miracle cure that took his pain away. So I did some research, to see if it was worth a try (and maybe to prove him wrong). It turns out I was wrong.  Tart cherries […]

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picture of vegetable kabobs on the grill

Controlling Your Blood Sugar

Lowering blood sugar can seem hard and impossible, but it doesn’t have to be. You’ve just been given some information that is less than helpful. I want to change that. For the last several years, I have been learning as much as I can about what really works, in real life, for real people, to […]

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Cancer Class Materials Now Available!

I lost another friend to breast cancer. She was a wonderful mother, wife, friend, and the world was better with her in it. She will be missed, and it breaks my heart that this disease took another one of us. It makes me feel frustrated, angry and powerless. While the survival numbers are getting better, […]

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Gluten Free Goodies

Lots of new gluten-free products have come out this year – good news for many of you. Here’s a round up of what we like (none of these are affiliate links): Bread – Udi’s wins, hands down, find it in the frozen section of your health-food store (if you do not have a health food […]

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Build your foundation

Happy New Year everyone! My wish for you is a year full of hope, joy and good health. We spend a lot of time at the office discussing different diet theories, such as whether broccoli is healthier raw or cooked, or if fermented soy is really better for us than unfermented. And it occurred to […]

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