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Five Second Rule

I am a natural procrastinator. I also keep my life very full, so this is not working out so well for me. For help I turned to a psychologist friend, who told me about the 5-second rule. Not the “food can stay on the floor for 5 seconds before it gets dirty” rule – which […]

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Bigger Brains and the Mediterranean Diet

A new study was published last week showing that older adults who ate a Mediterranean Diet had bigger brains, more grey matter, and less dementia than the adults who ate a more American-style diet. Their brains were functioning as if they were five years younger. All from eating one of the most delicious diets in the […]

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You Can Eat Less and Not Even Notice

You can use optical illusions to trick your brain into thinking you are eating or drinking more than you really are. So you eat less without even noticing. Sound crazy? I thought so, but the research being done by Brian Wansink, Ph.D.’s team at Cornell University proves its true. We eat with our eyes, and […]

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Fish Oil For Depression?

It seems like fish oil will cure anything that ails ya’ these days. And in some ways, it can – here’s how it works. Inflammation, the current health buzzword, is both the cause of many health problems and the result of many health problems, causing more problems. Inflammation is part of the natural healing process, […]

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My dogs have no guilt about taking a nap whatsoever. Right in the middle of the day. Heck, in the middle of the morning. The warm spot on the couch or chair, in the sun, snoring away with abandon. And while yes, they are lazy, they are also intuitive and smart. Just like they know […]

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As this new year gets going, many of us are struggling with the resolve to lose our extra weight. Or just overcome the cravings for junk, sweets, bread and cheese, cute shoes, etc. And it is really hard. Our bodies do not like this kind of change, and we are obviously getting something we need […]

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Finding a rhythm

I have been trying to increase my workouts, post more to this blog and make worksheets available for all of you, and getting frustrated because I just couldn’t get it all in during the day. Usually adding a new task to an established routine is a good way to get it done without too much […]

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