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Controlling Your Blood Sugar

Lowering blood sugar can seem hard and impossible, but it doesn’t have to be. You’ve just been given some information that is less than helpful. I want to change that.picture of vegetable kabobs on the grill

For the last several years, I have been learning as much as I can about what really works, in real life, for real people, to keep blood sugar at a healthy level. The truth is it can be easier than you think, and a lot more fun. Delicious, even. Delightful.

To help more people get their blood sugar to a healthy level, I’ve put together a small group program. Over the course of 16 weeks, I will show you how to make small but effective changes in your routine.

These are the changes that have the most impact on how good you feel. Over time they add up to measurably improved health. By the end of the program, you will be amazed at how far you have come, and how easy it was.

You are invited to join Control Your Blood Sugar NaturallyClick here for all of the details.

I have loved putting this program together. These evidence-based strategies work, and Control Your Blood Sugar Naturally makes it all easy to do.

Control Your Blood Sugar Naturally meets once a week. You can be there in person in my office or call in and participate. Either way, you will learn what works and get a weekly action plan tailored to your personal needs. Email and a private Facebook group give you extra support and meal ideas throughout the week.

Working with others helps us achieve greater success, so if you join with a friend you both get a bonus one-on-one, hour-long consultation with me.

To sign up and get all of the details, click here.

I love working with you this way.

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