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The Truth About Getting Healthier

Suzie* came to me as a last resort. Her triglycerides (the fat cells traveling in her blood stream) were really high, she was pre-diabetic, and her doctor told her she had to lose weight or she would have to take medication. She was only 51 years old, and did not want to be on medication for the rest of her life, so she reluctantly agreed to see me. woman with veggies

She thought she hated vegetables, loved her soda and sat in my office with her arms crossed,  giving me the stink-eye. I have a teenager so the stink-eye did not stop me.

She agreed to try some vegetables cooked in new ways, and was really surprised to learn that she liked them. She even started drinking green smoothies and adding baby spinach to her sandwiches. She cut back on the soda and other sweets, and was even more surprised when things started to taste too sweet. She was making really great changes, yet had only lost a few pounds and was getting discouraged.

After about six months, we got her lab work back. Biggest surprise yet. Her triglycerides were in the normal range, so was her blood sugar. Her inflammation levels were down too. Every result on her blood test was normal. Needless to say her doctor was very pleased.

Even though she hadn’t reached her weight loss goals yet.

Suzie is not unusual, this happens to my clients all the time. The same things you do to lose weight healthfully make you healthier even before the extra weight is gone.

Let me say that again: You can make yourself healthier even before you’ve lost a pound. Every single healthy choice you make, every time you choose something healthier than before, you are creating positive change in your body.

  • Every time you choose oatmeal instead of pancakes you get healthier.
  • Every time you choose a side salad instead of fries you get healthier.
  • Every time you hold the bacon, go light on the mayo, and skip the cheese you get healthier.
  • Every time you choose a whole grain like quinoa or farro you get healthier.
  • Every time you choose fruit for a snack instead of cookies you get healthier.
  • Every added serving of vegetables makes you healthier.
  • Every time you choose water or iced tea instead of soda, you get healthier.
  • Every time you say no to the bread basket you get healthier.

And it all adds up, every day.

So don’t get discouraged if the weight loss seems too slow to make a difference. You are making a difference every time you make a healthy choice. Every single time. 

Even before you’ve lost a pound.

And baby, nothing looks better on you than good health.

*  name has been changed to protect privacy

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