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Reducing Your Risk of Cancer

I was at a professional conference recently, and one of the sales booths caught my eye. Their promotional header read something like “Pesticides Don’t Cause Cancer.” This was rather shocking to me, since this was the annual conference of a very respected nutrition organization. When I investigated further (which was why they used such a controversial header), I understood.

Their point was that we have no solid research stating that eating “conventionally grown” foods causes cancer. We have no solid research that cleaning products, growth hormones, antibiotics, or even cell phones, cause cancer. Yet there are proven ways to reduce our risk of this horrible disease, and by focusing on the things that are unproven (although might still be true), we take attention away from the things we can do that can actually keep us healthy.

The problem is these things can be hard to to. They include:

  • stop smoking
  • use sunscreen every day, and avoid the sun at the strongest times of day
  • eat 7-9 servings of vegetables each day
  • keep our weight within the normal range
  • exercise regularly

These things all involve changing our lifestyle, our daily routines, our comfortableness. And this change is hard, but not impossible. And the fact is, these changes not only make us healthier, they make us look and feel better. Oh yes, much better.

Whether you use the word God, Mother Nature, the Divine Creator, or whichever you choose, the one who designed this wonderful world we live in and the wonderful bodies we have was wise enough to provide us with everything we need for optimal health. Foods that are naturally beautiful and delicious keep us healthy. Our bodies were made to move and feel best when they move often. You see where I am going here.

This does not mean we should not buy the earth-friendly products, not at all. It only means that if we stop there, we are missing out on our best health and best life.

So if you find yourself, like so many of us, focusing on the easy but unproven instead of the hard and proven, stick around. I will help find ways to make the changes easier. One step at a time, baby steps, each one making a difference.

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