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Anxiety in scrabble letters

Inflammation and Anxiety

Joe came into my office anxious, overweight and suffering from IBS. Joe came to see me to lose weight, and Joe was surprised that nutrition therapy could help with IBS. We were both surprised that nutrition therapy dramatically reduced his anxiety. ¬† We worked together for eight sessions, over about five months. After the first […]

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Fish Oil For Depression?

It seems like fish oil will cure anything that ails ya’ these days. And in some ways, it can – here’s how it works. Inflammation, the current health buzzword, is both the cause of many health problems and the result of many health problems, causing more problems. Inflammation is part of the natural healing process, […]

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Fast Food Linked to Depression

The more fast food you eat, the greater your risk of developing depression, according to a study recently published in Public Health Nutrition¬†(March, 2012). This study had 9,000 participants and was well-researched by a team in Spain – a large study that we can’t ignore. People who regularly consume fast food have a 40% increase […]

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