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Prostate Cancer Ribbon photo

Prostate Cancer – A Personal Story

This is a message from Tom Yei, who has been battling prostate cancer for five years. His experience can help anyone who is newly diagnosed and their loved ones. Getting a diagnosis of prostate cancer can be scary and confusing. I hope this information will help. – Denise   I am Tom, and I am […]

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The Protein Myth

This idea that we all need more protein is a myth. We are not running around protein-deficient, despite what all the ads promoting protein drinks and bars would have you believe.  Only about 3% of adults in the United States don’t get enough protein*. The rest of us get almost twice what we need. Every […]

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The Tomatoes Are Ready!

Nothing inspires a fresh, healthy meal like tomatoes straight from the garden. We got our first batch this weekend, and I can’t wait to dig in. Some Early Girls, Romas, San Marzanos, black pearls, and a few Big Rainbows are in my basket: What to do with these gorgeous tomatoes? Good question. Here are some […]

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Boost Your Energy With a Green Smoothie!

The fastest, easiest way to boost your energy and speed healing is with a green smoothie. If you’ve never tried one, and have no intention to ever try one, hear me out. You’re thinking I’m talking about putting spinach into the old Oster blender you got as a wedding gift decades ago. And that would indeed […]

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Quickie Marinara

February is Heart Health Month, and its also stay-inside-where-its-warm month, so here’s a quick tip and recipe to make both better. Marinara, the darling of pasta sauces, is really easy to make, easy to double or triple the recipe, easy to freeze, and easy to make into lots of interesting dishes. Its also full of […]

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Coloring in Soda Causes Cancer

Both Coca Cola and Pepsi are changing their formulas to avoid putting a “CANCER WARNING” label on their cans. It turns out the caramel coloring both sodas use contains ammonia sulfite, which produces a chemical called 4-methylimadazole (4-MEI) when processed – which has been shown to cause cancer in animals. In California, 29 micrograms per […]

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Cancer Class Materials Now Available!

I lost another friend to breast cancer. She was a wonderful mother, wife, friend, and the world was better with her in it. She will be missed, and it breaks my heart that this disease took another one of us. It makes me feel frustrated, angry and powerless. While the survival numbers are getting better, […]

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Cancer and Sugar

Wonder what cancer cells eat? Glucose, or sugar. And pretty much only glucose. Cancer cells have lost most of the functionality of the normal cells they came from, including the ability to burn fat as fuel. Most cancer cells lack mitochondria, which is the part of the cell that takes fat and breaks it down […]

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