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ravioli with herbs

15 Minute Meal: Skillet Ravioli

It seems like every night lately (with the exception of Thanksgiving), a 15-minute meal is all I could manage. Once Halloween happens, it is like the starting gun goes off for the race to New Year’s. Holiday after holiday, party after party, shopping, cooking, wrapping, carding, all while regular life keeps moving too. It is […]

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It is Holiday Prep Time

 A lot of grocery sales are going on this time of year, and it’s a good idea to stock up on basics to make holiday prep easier. Things like flour, sugar, canned pumpkin, and other pantry staples will keep well until the holidays. You will be less stressed if you have most of your ingredients […]

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Holiday Special Package

You know those extra few pounds we all seem to put on each year? The ones that hang around until next year, when we gain another few? We gain 90% of those during the Holiday Season. Makes those Holidays not quite so happy, yes? I have a solution that will actually work. No empty promises, […]

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