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roast chicken

Chicken Fat

About 30 years ago research linked eating red meat to heart disease. So, we all started eating a lot more chicken. In 1960 the average adult ate 28 pounds of chicken a year; in 2015 that number had climbed to 90 pounds. Yes, the average American adult eats 90 pounds of chicken a year. That’s […]

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Making It Personal: Weight Loss Edition

We spend billions of dollars a year on weight loss programs, products and supplements that don’t work. If participants (who are technically obese) in a research study lose 8% of their body weight and keep off half of it for more than three years, it is heralded as a huge success. Yet, there are those […]

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slice of watermelon

Is Fruit Too High in Sugar?

Fruit is getting a bad rap and its time for it to stop. This tale going around about fruit being really high in sugar is a lie. Fruit tastes sweet, I get it. But most fruits actually have little effect on our blood sugar when we eat normal amounts of them. This “war on fruit” […]

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Skinny Drinks

You’re sitting on the restaurant patio, enjoying the sunset with a group of friends and a round or two of drinks. Everyone is relaxed, the air is filled with the sounds of laughter, and you are laughing too. Until you realize that those two margaritas just cost you over 700 calories. The choco-tinis are over […]

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picture of a delicious salad

How To Make a Salad a Meal

During the Summer cool, easy salads are calling out to be a full meal. They promise to get us out of the kitchen quick, keep our figures in shape and keep the heat out of the kitchen, all while making a satisfying meal. Why is it they often leave us foraging in the kitchen an […]

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100 Little Calories is All it Takes

So many people come to see me upset, having gained a steady pound or two a year for the past 10 years or so. They feel like failures, are worried about their blood pressure or cholesterol, and don’t know how to turn it around. Do you know what that pound or so a year really […]

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You Can Eat Less and Not Even Notice

You can use optical illusions to trick your brain into thinking you are eating or drinking more than you really are. So you eat less without even noticing. Sound crazy? I thought so, but the research being done by Brian Wansink, Ph.D.’s team at Cornell University proves its true. We eat with our eyes, and […]

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Holiday Special Package

You know those extra few pounds we all seem to put on each year? The ones that hang around until next year, when we gain another few? We gain 90% of those during the Holiday Season. Makes those Holidays not quite so happy, yes? I have a solution that will actually work. No empty promises, […]

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