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My client’s privacy is important. A few of them have volunteered to share their experiences, so you can feel more confident choosing to start personal nutrition counseling with me.


“My research paid off big time because I found Denise, a medical nutritionist, (yes, this is her blog) a few months ago. And she has made a huge difference in my quality of life. During our first appointment, I felt hope and excitement about food again. She has helped me understand and dispel a lot of myths and misconceptions I have learned to follow in the past few years. I am so grateful and appreciative of her knowledge and the friendly manner and ease she has of explaining things in a way that I can usually understand. And her meal plans are easy to understand and to follow without a lot of numbers and counting. Thank you, Denise!” – Tom Yei



“I am a 75-year-old woman and when I went to my annual doctor’s appointment, I was told that I had high blood sugar.  My husband and I eat at restaurants every day and I wanted to learn more about nutrition to make better food choices at restaurants.

When I first met with Denise, we sat down and talked about my food likes/dislikes and reviewed menus from various restaurants.  She outlined for me which menu items were the best nutritional choices and which foods to avoid due to my high blood sugar.

Denise is pleasant and extremely professional and knowledgeable and helped me come up with a personalized plan that works for me as a lifestyle, not a diet.  To my surprise, it has been easy to stick with this plan and I am happy to say that after one month, my blood sugar has gone down and as an added benefit, I lost five pounds.  I would highly recommend Denise to anyone who wants to make the best food decisions for their bodies and their specific needs.”  -Arlene Sigismondo



“Nutritional information was so confusing to me after being diagnosed and starting treatment for ovarian cancer. I was nervous about speaking with Denise because I didn’t want to feel even more confused. I’m so glad that we worked together though because Denise really cleared the clouds for me with great kindness and compassion. Even more importantly, she helped me understand the baby steps that could improve my nutrition and immune system while I’m in treatment. She’s a treasure of resources without being overwhelming. I never imagined that cancer could introduce me to “good things” but Denise certainly is a great thing in my book. If you’ve been diagnosed or know someone who has, connect with Denise!” – Laurie Foley



“I can’t remember a time when I didn’t struggle with my weight…..even as a child.  I tried numerous diets over the years and like most, ended up on a roller coaster!  I was also quite affected by the death of several family members, including 2 uncles from sudden heart attacks in their mid-fifties.

Nutrition became my passion as I searched for a way to balance both my weight and fear of health issues with a full-time job and marriage.  After many unsuccessful attempts and the onset of hormone changes, I hired a personal trainer at my local health club.  Through hard work and focus, I managed to drop the 30 lbs. that crept up during my 40’s and into my 50’s.

That worked well until I lost my husband and was suddenly thrust into a whole new world of changes and responsibilities where training and Bootcamp often took a back seat.  I was eating healthy, but also added 5-6 cups of coffee a day to keep my energy up and weight down.  7 years later I found myself up another 10 lbs. and frustrated.

Along with the increase in weight, I found that my “familial” high cholesterol was increasing as well as my glycemic levels.  This was always followed by the call from my doctor’s office about how I needed to cut out all the saturated fats from my diet!!!  Since I was already eating mostly vegetarian with lots of salads and very few sweets or fried food, I was even more frustrated about what my next steps should be.

Fearing a history which included not only early heart attacks but now Alzheimer’s and Diabetes, I knew I had to take action and needed help.

Although I already knew a lot about nutrition, I did not know how to put it all together to impact my biometrics and help keep my energy levels up.  I found Denise on the internet and I’d like to think it was divine intervention!  She outlined what I was doing and provided a very clear, workable plan for me.

She took into account my lifestyle and work/travel schedule in order to customize my diet and provide alternatives for me that worked.  She also scrutinized my supplements and helped determine which ones were necessary and which were a waste of money.

After a day or two of following the plan, I immediately felt so much energy and soon dropped 7 lbs.  I am so excited to get back into my old clothes and I sleep much better since cutting back on my caffeine!  In addition, all my biometric numbers have dropped since my last session with Denise several months ago.  She was a joy to work with and I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to boost their health and feel great!!!  -Beth Hughes


“The menu is fantastic. I’ve never had a menu that was so easy to follow. Thanks again for your help with my food plan. I’ve never felt better.”  -Marla B.

“At 57, I had already outlived both of my parents, who had diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. When I was diagnosed with high blood pressure, inflammation, high cholesterol and high blood sugar, my doctor recommended working with Denise. She also suspected some food sensitivities were contributing to my problems.

 After six months on Denise’s plan, I had lost 25 pounds, reduced my cholesterol and blood sugar to normal levels, and lowered my blood pressure. After a year my doctor took me off of my high blood pressure medication.  I have maintained this weight loss for a year now and my cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure are all still normal. I am enjoying retirement and my healthy food. It feels great to be healthy!” -Laura M.

“My husband and I enjoy a lot of social outings, travel and spending time with our grandchildren; but neither one of us is interested in cooking anymore. We both wanted to lose weight, reduce our inflammation and cholesterol, because we both have a family history of heart disease.

 After just three months on our plan, which was set to allow us to keep eating out, we have each lost close to 20 pounds. My cholesterol numbers are back in the normal range, and I even got relief from my back pain. Bob’s inflammation and cholesterol numbers continue to improve, much to the pleasure of his cardiologist.

 Because our plan was developed around our lifestyle, it was easy to follow. We feel so much better now we don’t even want to go back to our old habits. Denise really changed our lives.”  -Suzanne