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The Most Important Question to Ask

The most important question to ask yourself if you want to start eating in a healthier way is this: How can I add more colorful vegetables? 

Adding more vegetables to your meals means more nutrients and fiber and getting full on fewer calories. Its as simple as that. You will feel better, lighter and very virtuous.

Here’s how to do it:

Want pasta for dinner? Add some broccoli to your already boiling, salted pasta water for a few minutes. Get it out with a spider or slotted spoon, top with a little olive oil, salt, pepper and a squeeze of lemon for a great side dish. Cook your pasta in the same water and there’s dinner. Add a simple salad for a bonus-veggie-double-whammy.

In the mood for a casserole? When you saute your onions, add some more veggies. Like baby spinach, peppers, mushrooms or anything else that goes with the rest of the dish. Healthier, more filling, and more figure-friendly too.

Same goes with a sandwich. Add as many veggies as will fit, and have some on the side too. Remember, baby carrots are a vegetable! Fruits work here too, an apple or sliced tomato are great with a sandwich.

Grilling burgers for a Summer dinner? Cut up some tomatoes, cucumbers and red onion, dress with oil and vinegar (remember to salt and pepper your dressing) and you have a refreshing Greek salad for a side dish. Way better than chips!

When you are eating out, order your dish with double veggies. This is easy with a stir-fry or fajitas. Or have an appetizer and a big salad. Split an entree, add a salad and a side of vegetables and you get the dish you want, plenty of vegetables, and maybe even room to split a dessert. Your bill will be a lot smaller, too.

Soon this will be a natural way of thinking for you. Most of us are undernourished and overfed because we are not eating enough vegetables. It can be really easy to turn this around – with just one little question:

How can I add more vegetables to this?


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